Voting = Stripper time??

Voting = Stripper time??

Well it’s almost that that time of year again when people say you should vote, but most of us don’t.

Why, because its boring, you don’t have time, I’m to busy watching the bachelorette, candidates are corrupt yadayadyada


I have heard every excuse in the book.   I know it’s a shit show but it’s all about the local stuff people. It’s the local elections that affect aspects of your daily life.


These guys said “You gotta fight .. fight for the right to parrrrttyyyyy”


beastieThey should have said “You gotta vote .. vote for the right to parrttyyy!”


By not voting you are letting someone else decide your life lifestyle or quality of life, and that is exactly what happened out here in the San Francisco bay area.


It all started with my hero Carol Doda, caroldodamore on her later though.

In 1970 people like Dianne Feinstein and many Oakland city officials were not fans of boobs and people having fun with them. They were anti-boob. They passed an ordinance prohibiting boobs being shown in bars and restaurants. She was against and I quote “the growth of obscenity”.


I was not born at that time but I wonder who voted and who did not vote to let something like this happen.

So get out there and vote people!

Don’t let someone else decide your lifestyle!

Vote as if your life depends on it or at least as if your access to boobies depends on it. Or your right to display your boobies depends on it.



I am voting my heart, my conscience, and for more obscenity!!!