Pole Fitness?

Pole Fitness?

Pole Fitness?

The art of pole dancing has definitely left the atmosphere of a seedy nightclub. All across this country and world there are now classes and training. Not for dancers but for soccer moms, teachers, doctors, students the hottie who lives up the road from you.


That’s right ladies and gents pole fitness is a thing and ladies are loving it!!


There are classes, groups, instructors .. Hell a friend of mine even started a club at the college out here.


The art of pole dancing requires an amazing amount of core strength. Its an exercise or sport where you can see immediate results and improvements.


I love love this website where it breaks down hundreds of moves. http://poledancedictionary.com/moves/

If you think its not hard to get up there twist and contort while looking sexy… try it out


So the next time it’s your wife, mistress, sidepiece or girlfriend’s birthday. Get her a gift certificate to your local pole fitness class. It’s a win win for everyone.   She gets fit and you get to enjoy her new talent.