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Stripclub Wingman

We travel the world reviewing Stripclubs just for you.  Yeah the hours are grueling, the travel brutal, the house whiskey stale but its our job!  We do it for the love of the smoke filled club, the champagne rooms, the lap dances, good and bad.  Handing out $20 bills and making sure we help these lovely acrobatic ladies get through nursing school, medical school or whatever the fruck.

Vancouver Strip Club Road Trip

Ok I know people have been waiting patiently for my review of Vancouver.  I had no idea what to expect or what was in store.  I mean yes it is on the border and maybe a quick 2 hour drive from Seattle, but it is a completely different country with a different culture, currency and […]

Pole Fitness?

Pole Fitness? The art of pole dancing has definitely left the atmosphere of a seedy nightclub. All across this country and world there are now classes and training. Not for dancers but for soccer moms, teachers, doctors, students the hottie who lives up the road from you. That’s right ladies and gents pole fitness is […]

Voting = Stripper time??

Well it’s almost that that time of year again when people say you should vote, but most of us don’t. Why, because its boring, you don’t have time, I’m to busy watching the bachelorette, candidates are corrupt yadayadyada I have heard every excuse in the book.   I know it’s a shit show but it’s all […]